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Student’s feedback:

I just gotta say again how this class just rocked my world – amazing!💕🎉🤣

Birgit Kiemes-Windmill has effectively presented in some 55 minutes total video lessons and one significant handout, a complicated branch of astrology study to newbies and long-term students alike with amazing results, no small feat‼️Congratulations Birgit, a truly awesome and remarkable accomplishment, and thank you❤️💕❤️I look forward to Level 2‼️

This system is some points similar to The Yijing (Chinese Divination), both of them are difficult. Thank you so much for the teacher Birgit Kiemes-Windmill

Birgit, this was a most amazing class and I learned so much – already registered for the second class. Am going to continue to review the info until then.

I don’t think I’ve exercised my brain so much in a very long time! It felt good to finally “ get it “ – that moment when a lot of things click into place!!😍 I will continue to study and practice until work shop 2❤️❤️ Thank you Birgit Kiemes-Windmill